Joey and Sparky are happy to announce their new family.
1 Merle boy and 1 Merle girl,
2 mantle girls.

Sired by Joey - CH Mercerwood's, Boston White Socks

Six Weeks old puppies rough housing.

Click Here for 4 weeks Puppy Pictures

Great Dane Puppies

Great dane pups grow quickly and are enormous fully grown: they can weigh as much as 200 pounds and grow up to almost 3 feet tall! Despite their size, however, these dogs are truly some of the sweetest around. They hardly ever bark and are kind and gentle to everyone they encounter, especially children! Great Danes enjoy being around children and don't enjoy being stuck outside all day.They just need to be around family!

If you think you can handle this enormous but loving breed, use our contact form and we will send you a puppy application.